There is a great article over at RZIM written by Ravi Zacharias about the nature of truth and our understanding of reality…

Intent, in the pursuit of truth, is prior to content, or to the availability of it.  The love of truth and the willingness to submit to its demands is the first step.

…To all of this the skeptic might say that such conclusions may be drawn only if the God of the Bible exists.  To that I heartily answer, Absolutely!  And on numerous campuses around the world it has been my thrilling privilege to present a defense for the existence of God and for the authority of these Scriptures, unique in their splendor and convincing in the truth they proclaim.  But let us not miss what the skeptic unwittingly surrenders by saying that all this could be true only if God exists.  For, implicit in that concession is the Law of Non-contradiction and the Law of Rational Inference, which exist only if truth exists.  Truth, in turn, can exist only if there is an objective standard by which to measure it.  That objective, unchanging absolute is God.

One of the things I have noticed about everyone- including those who deny any transcendent truth is that we all live as if there is absolute truth. So, denying absolute truth is really a way to justify sin or at least to deal with all of the very apparent contradictions in our lives. No one can live comfortably with the contradiction between how they live and how they think people ought to live unless they leave themselves a way out. This “way out” is described by Jesus as “the broad road that leads to destruction”. Thus truth is sacrificed on the altar of desire and convenience and people soothe their consciences with the thought that they are the final decision maker about what is true for them. But the honest person will always find that their search for truth is really their search for God.

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